Excellent Value, Quality and Service

       All of the following PAT services are included in the test price

                            Any necessary replacement of standard plugs.  

                                    Any necessary replacement of fuses.

                                      Any necessary cable terminations.

                                  Any necessary minor repairs & retests

                                  All standard Electrical Pass/Fail labels.

                   Each item/asset is given a unique identification number

   A Record of each item inspected & tested, including your company name,         location, appliance description, test result, and the next test due date.

                                  An individual report of any failed items.

                                            A full copy of the report

                       Electrical Safety Certificate for all appliances tested.

                                All inspectors fully trained and qualified
                              Fully insured to £1,000,000 Public Liability

                                                  NO HIDDEN COSTS

Unbeatable Pricing

1 - 100 Appliances Tested                                                                                 Over 300 Appliances Tested
  £1.60 per Item                                                                                                     £1.30 per Item
Minimum Charge £65 ( up to 40 items )
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07564 598483 
All areas covered
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